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Arzum Gulsar

How I work

Clients approach me with a wide range of difficulties, hopes and expectations. Hence I aim to provide a safe, confidential, supportive and non-judgemental working alliance and environment that enables them to explore emotional difficulties as well as barriers in life, which maintain unhelpful patterns.
​The main aim of my interventions is to finding healthy alternatives in ways of coping to enable clients for the future.  

Prior to commencing a therapeutic intervention, I offer prospective clients a free telephone consultation with the aim to understand their difficulties. 
In case of mutual agreement, I offer a reduced-fee initial assessment session to get a better understanding of their presentations and how exactly CBT/ REBT/ ACT/CFT and/or coaching can help. 
We then discuss and agree on how we may work together. 

Once in treatment, clients attend weekly sessions which last 50 minutes each, unless their difficulties require extended sessions. Sessions usually take place at a dedicated time slot in one of the clinics, however, some flexibility can be accommodated. 
In order to enable access to therapy, I offer evening and weekend slots for working clients. Furthermore, I also offer home visits, and sessions via Skype and telephone.


I deliver psychological therapy in the following formats, depending on the complexity of clients’ presentations
Short-term:         6-12 sessions
Medium-term:  16-20 sessions
Longer-term:    24-40 sessions


Coaching incorporates cognitive-behavioural components which has become the most researched and effective form of coaching available, especially in business coaching. It does this non-therapeutically, and enables clients to reach their goals and objectives

Coaching with CBT principles....

  • supports individuals in reaching their objects and goals in line with the values that they hold, i.e. what makes their life meaningful
  • tackles self-defeating and debilitating beliefs by increasing self-worth and improving one’s motivation
  • promotes breaking unhelpful cognitive and behavioural patterns by adapting more helpful strategies and actions
  • encourages to problem-solve and overcome, particularly self-imposed barriers
  • enables persistence in reaching objectives and maintaining achievement
  • fosters self-efficacy and independence, allowing the coachee to become their own coach